Keep Summer With You


I’ve had a lot of fun using summer sunshine to print onto fabric.  I now have some scarves for sale in my etsy shop. In each listing, I’ve described how the print was achieved.

Even better, utilize September’s sunshine yourself and try this at home, with chemicals from and scarves/fabric from  September is not too late:  The scarf in the lower right of the photo on the left was printed yesterday, when the temperature was in the 60’s and the sun was at a steep slant (see photo on right).  (Do you see my shadow, taking the picture?) Here’s how the dandelions turned out (from the photo on the front steps): DSCN0110

To keep the dandelion seeds in place, I covered the piece of fabric with glass from an old picture frame.  I’ve discovered from experience that fabric under glass needs to be dry, so previously I soaked the fabric in the chemical solution and allowed it to dry–and then ironed it–in a darkened room.  I saved it for this moment in a black plastic bag, out of direct sunlight.

How will you keep summer with you all year long?