Shawl-length Russian Rainbow yarn


The above photo shows a machine-knit “sock blank” of 100 grams (463 yards) of 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon fingering-weight yarn, dyed in my Russian Rainbow colorway.  Knit as a scarf, cowl or small shawl, you are going to have much wider stripes than you would with my regular Russian Rainbow yarn, in which color segments are only 4 or 5 feet long!  I’m excited to see what people will create with it, once they purchase it from my shop

20180429_150246In this second photo, a skein of the shawl-length Russian Rainbow has been wound into a ball and is sitting on top of the stack.  Next to it is a sprinkled skein of my normal sock yarn, “Rainbow Sprinkles Birthday Cake.”  Beneath that are two self-striping skeins I haven’t dyed in a while, Russian Fairy Tale and Dark Anchorage Autumn.  In the lower left is a hand-painted colorway I also have not dyed in a while, Forget-me-not.  See them all in my shop.


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