January 2016


Is it Spring yet?  Today is wonderfully sunny, although also below freezing.  I’ve added some bright colors of yarn to my shop.

In one of my quilting groups, we all received a length of floral panel (many yards of which had been donated to the group) and had to make something from it.

DSCN0599Here is what I made:DSCN0670

That was my first free-motion quilted project and I am pleased with the result.

I subsequently took a class, “Modern Broderie Perse,” from quilt artist Maria Shell.  My resulting project was definitely NOT modern–not what she was teaching.  Her idea, which I liked very much, was to use graphic prints and to cut modern flower shapes from them, as you can see here if you scroll to the very bottom of her list of classes. However, the fusible webbing I was using turned out to be a few decades old and did not stick, so when I got home I started over.  I happened to have a few florals in my tiny fabric stash and decided to use those, going the traditional route.  The result, shown in progress, is here: DSCN0639

The black vase and red roses are from a pair of silk/linen pants I bought at the Salvation Army a while back just because I like the fabric. The other florals are from a scrap bag I purchased online from Hawthorne Fabrics. I used invisible thread because my free-motion quilting is of course still not the best.  I had a lot of tension problems, so the back looks bad; I subsequently learned that Viking machines (like mine) typically have this problem.  Aargh!

Below are a few tidbits that may interest you.

Fear of failure

“You must not think really of reaching an audience.  You must think first to express yourself.” Pierre Boulez, quoted here.


Museum at Prairie Fire linkMuseumAtPrairieFire



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