Color Inspiration from Italy


I took over 300 photos on my trip last month to Italy.  I will share just a few selected photos that pertain to COLOR.  The first photo is a mosaic at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice; the second photo is the Duomo (cathedral) in Milan.  I love the subdued colors and I dyed them up recently in sock yarn–photo and link at end of post.


The colorful homes pictured above are on the island of Burano (not to be confused with another island, Murano) that is near Venice.  They must have a covenant or code, because all of the houses were bright. So fun!


I brought three of those cups home–couldn’t resist them!  The coat I surreptitiously photographed in a glove shop is, I suspect, from Desigual, and I love all of their bright fashions.  The gloves are beautiful, too, but not exactly what I need for shoveling snow and running errands in Anchorage.


I followed this woman (photo on left) around a museum for 5 minutes and finally took this poor-quality photo surreptitiously.  I translated the colors into the yarn I called “Italian Colors” that is available in my etsy shop.

The following links are not related to Italy, but I wanted to share them.

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Fabric printing and painting video — 60 years ago!

Zen Habits — tips for having a daily creative practice

Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic) now admits on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” show that most people do not have a compelling passion and that it is O.K (with her, anyway). That’s a welcome change from the usual (and her previous) “Follow your passion!” message.


One thought on “Color Inspiration from Italy

  1. I like that you take inspiration from beautiful things you see during your travels. I must remember that next time I make a quilt. I have usually worked in the other direction, taking inspiration from fabrics. Your approach seems much more interesting.


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