Vienna and Berlin, May 2015


Seeing old buildings, hearing the clip-clop of horse’s hooves on cobblestones, feeling the cobblestones through the soles of my shoes….. Fabulous! I was in Vienna with my dad in May and wanted to share just a couple of photos.

We also were in Berlin.  After the East and West Germany were reunited in 1989/1990, artists painted sections of the Berlin Wall that were deliberately left standing as a memorial, called East Side Gallery, which you can read about by clicking on the link.  IMG_1179I was frowning into the sun, trying to take a selfie with my iPod, which I seldom do, to prove that I was there.  And the other photo, with Leonid Breznev (Soviet Union leader) and Erik Honneker (East German leader)–well, in real life they probably did not really kiss and Erik was more like a puppet or toy of Leonid’s rather than a love interest, but it is a famous painting. Translation:  “My God, help me survive this deadly love!”


Berlin had some above-ground pipes in various parts of the city.  The groundwater level is too high and so excess water must be removed, especially where new buildings are being built.  Too bad they can’t ship it to California!IMG_1190IMG_1124

Friedensreich Hundertwasser is one of my favorite artists, and I visited an art museum in Berlin, dedicated to him and constructed in his wonky style.

There are plenty of Burger Kings, McDonald’s and other American fast-food places.  The food and coffee are relatively inexpensive and you can go to the bathroom for free, whereas normally you have to pay to use a bathroom–when you can find one.IMG_1248  The message on the tray liner is as follows:  “If only everything was as easy as a whopper:  With bacon and cheese or without!”

I’m off to Italy soon and will of course have photos to share when I return.


2 thoughts on “Vienna and Berlin, May 2015

    • Ich war 1976 für nur einen Tag in Berlin (durch Checkpoint Charlie gegangen) und wollte die Stadt noch einmal besichtigen. Haben Sie Ihre Geschichte geschrieben? Das würde ich höchst interessant finden, wie es war, da aufzuwachsen.


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