What If I Fail?

DSCN0031I have given myself a new opportunity for growth.  I was invited to join a small group of quilters who create improvisational art quilts for charity.  The current charity is the local Nordic Ski Association, and we are making quilts for its November silent auction.  The group chose the theme “Tracks.”  I might utterly fail at my first few attempts, so I’ve already begun sewing! I sewed white strips together to use for snow and others to use for woods–as a start.

Just to show that I can do more than just run over a stitched piece (in a previous post), here is the result of another exercise.  We brainstormed items that occur in pairs or sets and then chose one and had about 90 minutes to create a piece.  Here is mine:DSCN0029

I have prepared yarn for dyeing the following colorways tomorrow:  Russian Rainbow (4 skeins), Lupine (2 skeins) and Sunprint (4 skeins).  Sunprint is not really sun printed–just inspired by the wonderful colors I achieved with fabric these past weeks.  (Of course you could sun print yarn, but I’ll save that experiment for next summer.) Sunprint will have 9 color segments. Here is yet another photo of sun printed fabrics that provided the inspiration: DSCN0033


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