…. And Then I Ran Over the Quilt With my Car.


I unabashedly stole the idea for this blog title from the wonderful surface design blog, And Then We Set It On Fire.  But fellow quilting student Peggy Kugel freely gave me the advice to run over my quilt with my car.

Instructor Rayna Gillman asked us to make a piece with two neutrals and one bright color and we had about 90 minutes to do so.  I was having trouble with the whole idea of creating abstract compositions, as you can see.DSCN0010

I put my finished piece up on the display wall with the back side showing and announced, “I’m calling this ‘Springtime in Anchorage.'” DSCN0011

That’s when Peggy made her suggestion.


I mixed 1 part textile medium with 2 parts black acrylic paint, applied it to the tire, and drove forward two feet. I like the result!  I might embellish it with a scrap of fur (to represent road kill), a bit of a greasy McDonald’s wrapper and a few shards from a broken taillight. Then it will be clear (to any Alaskan) why it is called “Springtime in Alaska.”


See that rusty spot on the car body?  Maybe rust dyeing will be my next textile adventure. I can use duct tape to attach a piece of fabric to the car–or maybe I’ll wait until I have another quilted piece that needs improvement and then use that.

P.S. Rayna’s class was FABULOUS and I learned a lot. I treasure the relationships I formed with fellow artists–especially with Peggy!


9 thoughts on “…. And Then I Ran Over the Quilt With my Car.

  1. My first thought was “Ah, interesting…”. After reading your post I have to admit I didn’t understand the “Alaskan spring thing” but I love experimenting and I really like your carprint.


  2. Don’t rust dye using your car, when you spray vinegar on the rust then put your fabric on it, the rust spot grows a lot! I tied a piece around a 55 gallon drum that was my burn barrel and after 3 days of rusting, it fell apart in pieces when I took the fabric off.


  3. Is this Linda? I have plenty of rusty stuff to share.
    See you at the quilt show this weekend!
    The class with Rayna was great. We need to get the rest of the guild interested & bring her back again!
    Love how the tire print turned out. It might help the one piece
    I did too!


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