Addicted to Sun Printing Fabric


We’re having a record-breaking sunny summer in Anchorage, Alaska and I feel compelled to take advantage of it.  I received more chemicals (my “drugs”) from my supplier, and 5 yards each of Kona and Pimatex cotton from Dharma Trading Co.

Do you see the shadow of me taking the photo?  It was high noon in Anchorage:  The sun always shines at an angle, never directly overhead, and even more so as autumn approaches.  I do have the board with the fabric propped up towards the sun, but it doesn’t totally compensate.  That’s one reason most of the leaf edges are a bit blurry.  The other reason is that the leaves aren’t totally flat.  (I’ve pinned them with one pin each.)

My favorites are the fabrics that I previously dyed different shades of green (with fiber-reactive dyes).  Perhaps I’ll dye more fabric green this evening, just in case it’s sunny again tomorrow!


One thought on “Addicted to Sun Printing Fabric

  1. Your sunprints are gorgeous… should I be sad that I have not enough space (and no outside place) to do that or happy – because I wouldn’t have time for another new project 🙂
    Love the colours!


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