Can’t Stop Sun Printing

DSCN0199The sun is out again, and it’s hard to resist sun printing!  I took apart a few silk blouses and dipped them in the cyanotype chemicals purchased from  I love the faded blue that happened today!  I wonder if it’s because I’m at the very bottom of the container of chemical solution (that I mixed a few months ago).  Or maybe it’s because I didn’t rinse out the fabric softener from the Salvation Army blouses.  Or perhaps the solution has been diluted due to the fact that I often wet the fabric before dipping.  After I mix up some new solution (since I”m now out of the old), I’m going to do some experiments with small amounts to see if I can achieve this faded beauty again!

To my yarn customers, I am reskeining yarn I dyed yesterday and will list most of the special orders either this evening or tomorrow morning. I will have just a couple of extra skeins up for grabs–Sleeping Bags and Midsummer Blossoms.  I am so jazzed about fabric-y things that I’m having trouble maintaining my focus on yarn!


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