More Sun Printing in Alaska

We had one of those occasional sunny and hot (73 degrees!) days in Anchorage yesterday and I was sunprinting like mad.DSCN0167 For the fabrics in the first three photos, I used my favorite blueprinting method:  Dipping the fabric in a cyanotype chemical solution consisting of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate. I purchased the chemicals from ten years ago.  I mixed some solution (chemicals plus water) a month or two ago and keep it in the garage in an opaque plastic container, covered–for good measure–with a black garbage bag.

I included some different fabrics in yesterday’s dyefest.  At the bottom center of the photo is linen (the two small ferns).  On the lower left is wool–not a big success this time!  Continuing around clockwise is silk velvet. To the right of the silk velvet is Kona cotton that was previously dyed green, yellow and turquoise. In the upper right–the four ferns–is a piece of silk.

You can see that I used a variety of items as masks this time:  Lace, two types of mesh, paper clips, washers and a big metal grid.

DSCN0162The white fabric (here, Kona cotton, PFD) is yellowish right after it’s removed from the solution.  I work in the garage–with the garage door closed–to prevent UV light from exposing the fabric until I am ready.  You can see that I raided my husband’s workbench for supplies!  Then I carried the fabric (on its “bed” of, here, foam core board covered with batting and then plastic) outdoors, left it in the sun for 20 minutes, brought it inside and rinsed it.  Here is the result:DSCN0171

I had better luck this time with my Lumi Inkodye prints.  I think I overexposed them previously.   DSCN0173Now I need to figure out how to use the fabrics in quilting!


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