Barbara Lavallee

DSCN0153If you are an Alaskan, you probably know who Barbara Lavallee is.  If not, click on her name to see some of her amazing artwork.

Ms. Lavallee made a presentation at the Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters Guild meeting last month. I had just heard about the guild and became a member the day of her wonderful presentation.  Ms. Lavallee brought along several practice pieces to give away as doorprizes and I had first pick because my birthday–out of all the audience members–was the closest to that day’s date!  Here is the prize, which I have had professionally framed–and am now just waiting to find the perfect spot on the wall for it.DSCN0152It is perfect for me, since I love bright colors, combining different colors and patterns, and of course I dye and knit yarn.  Best of all, at that meeting I made new friends who share my interests in creating color and texture with fabric and fibers.  I had been depressed about turning 60, but now I view that birthday (actually 2 days post-birthday) as a positive turning-point in my life.

On that same note, this morning I learned about Wishcraft from Lynn Bishop’s blog and I recommend this free e-book very highly. It’s all about recognizing what it is that you love to do, how you genuinely want to live your life and strategies for doing so.  It’s much better than any self-help book I’ve read (including the wonderful Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin).  Live the life you want–right now.  At least, that’s what I’m doing.


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